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Our Monthly Newsletter is sent out from Denise our Nursery Manager to all parents/carers . This contains all Nursery updates, reminders and important information.

Term Dates are found here, these are of the current academic year.

What did we do through the month of February?

“The last week before half term and we have packed it full of play in the snow, pancake toddling, pancake eating and decorating biscuits with pink icing and heart shaped sprinkles!  We have also enjoyed relaxing in our new chairs in the Cosy Corner and playing in the den inside under the new camouflage sheet. Some of us played a listening game to identify sounds made by instruments and the sounds at the beginning of words.  Maybe you could go on a Listening Walk during half term and tell us what you hear.
After half term we were straight back into play and exploration – constructing models with junk modelling materials and sticking materials.  We also used some loose parts – cable reels and guttering to make ramps for cars or climb our dinosaurs around on – whatever we wanted to use them for! We did PE outside as the weather was warmer and dryer – we moved around in different ways and at different speeds – we were puffed out at the end (that included the staff!).
We have moved our den outside and covered it in tarpaulin – spot us if you can!  The drier weather has enabled us to get the large set of blocks out and prompted lots of creative construction building – we might have some budding engineers in our midst!
” – Helen, Deputy Manager

What did we do through the month of March?

“We have been Mathematicians – playing with tills and money and counting objects.  We have also been exploring shapes by printing in paint with various objects from around Nursery and sorting these shapes into masking taped shapes on the table. 
We have also been budding engineers – constructing with our large wooden blocks inside and the crates and loose parts outside.  There has been some brilliant thinking and also opportunities for the adults to support the sharing of ideas and resources.
In the digging patch we have been using our big strong shoulders to dig and fork the ground.  This has meant we needed to try and do our shoes and wellies independently.
Lots of outside play, despite the return of the colder weather. One day was so sunny and warm that we enjoyed our snack outside in the afternoon.  On wetter days the children were seeing how much rain water they could collect in various cups!  We also used chalk to draw a road and parking spaces on the ground under the canopy, for our large trucks to be pushed along on.” – Helen, Deputy Manager

What did we do through the month of April?

“Following the Easter break and able to enjoy a little more freedom as we slowly start to ease out of Lockdown.
The children have chosen to play outside for the majority of the Nursery sessions – planting seeds in our raised beds, putting beans in jam jars so we can watch them sprout roots and shoots, playing on our new flat scooters – either sitting on them or laying on them!  We have also enjoyed messy play in the Mud Kitchen and having sand in the tray with various vessels and utensils.  
We have been measuring our feet and looked at The Elves and the Shoemaker story because we might have grown and need to go to a shop to have our feet measured now that the shops are open.  Apologies if your child comes home telling you their toes are at the end of their shoes and they need new ones! We have been running around the outdoor area for a few laps and then some physical movements – this is something we have been doing regularly and the children are responding positively.
We continue to look at the seeds we have planted inside and out and the children are excited to see the new growth.
Inside we have provided activities to promote the children’s use of their hand and finger grips – cloud dough, Duplo and mark making in smaller spaces.
As always we have been sharing books and now that the drier and (slightly) warmer weather is here, this has extended to sharing books outside.” – Helen, Deputy Manager

Book of the Week: – During the month of May our focus books of the week are…..

3rd May – Handa’s Surprise

10th May – The Very Hungry caterpillar

17th May – The Smartest Giant in Town

24th May – The Three Billy Goats Gruff


We have various fundraising activities throughout the year, many are ones that the children can participate in making it a fun way to raise money for Nursery resources.

Over this year we have raised the following:-

Sponsored Find £377 – we have been able to buy some more books for our book corner and also add to our puzzle collection

Lucky Wheel Draw 1 £190 – with this money we purchased new waterproofs ready for the wet weather and snow

Pancake Toddle £237 – we are currently looking for a new water tray for the nursery

Luck Wheel Draw 2 £82.50

A huge thank you to all parents/carers for your continued support!

Book of the Week