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We are now approaching the end of the year with the nursery closing for the summer break. At the end of each year we send out a questionnaire to parents/carers to gather their thoughts on their child’s journey here at Ditton Lodge Nursery. We value all feedback as this helps us look at all aspects of the nursery, what we have done well and what potential improvements that could be made going forward. These were some of the comments put forward to us for this year:

“We cannot praise the team enough for everything that they have done to aid my sons learning and development. Each staff member having their own unique expertise which in turn makes for a strong team”

“My child has flourished since starting at nursery and we can only put this down to the range of activities she is exposed to and the outstanding care.”

“The staff have cared and supported our son extremely well, with kindness and a real interest in him as an individual.”

“My son is always welcomed at nursery with a smile and a friendly welcome.”

We would have no hesitation in recommending you as a setting and would like to thank you for being part of our child’s life.”

“We are sad to be leaving, the environment that is created makes me and my husband feel confident and reassured that our child is safe and happy.”

“We couldn’t ask for better day care – welcoming, dedicated and an unwavering team, fantastic facilities….the nursery is second to none.”

Our Monthly Newsletter is sent out from Denise our Nursery Manager to all parents/carers . This contains all Nursery updates, reminders and important information.

Term Dates are found here, these are of the current academic year.

Term Dates can be found here for the following academic year, 2021-2022.

What did we do though the month of June?

“It has been so lovely to come back to warm, sunny weather and to be able to spend so much time outside at Nursery.  The children have accepted needing to wear hats and sun cream when they are outside, as we have talked about the warmer weather and the importance of these things. 
A large den was constructed to provide further shade and a secluded space to play and share books.  How about exploring this further?  See #33 Home from Home on the 50 Things to do Before you are Five in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough website.!/cambridgeshire-peterborough-activities
We have had a variety of mark making opportunities from sensory play in water, gloop and extra chunky chalks, drawing on the pavement outside.
We have also celebrated lots of birthdays this month – adults and children alike!  Wow! 

Children are naturally beginning to think about putting a hat on to play outside, which is great.  When they are out there they have been making their own dens and building with our large blocks that we have not had out for a while.
Inside, we have provided opportunities for shoulder, elbow and finger movements as children painted with a variety of brushes on paper wrapped around upturned tables.  Fine finger movements have been used by the children to manipulate oats and glitter in trays and also small Lego construction. 

We have been doing all these things – 
Painting on paper wrapped around tables, negotiating obstacles on a track outside, doing puzzles, playing Lego – big and small, playing with sand in the tray indoors, playing games in small groups with a grown up, following a line of masking tape on the floor with our cars when we got a bit lively indoors!
We have also been thinking of words that rhyme with our names and also words that start with the same initial letter as our name.  Maybe you can do this with names in your family at home.” – Helen, Deputy Manager

What did we do through the month of July?

“There has been great excitement as we ventured out of Nursery!  We walked to the postbox to post our Graduation invites to our families.  This gave us the opportunity to talk about and model road safety.  See activity ~38 Postie on the 50 things to do before you are 5 website or app.
We have also built with blocks and junk modelling materials. We have explored numbers by looking at arrangements of spots to show the numbers 1-5.  Then a grown up said a number and we moved to it or we sat on one and told the grown up what number we were on. 

Football has come to Nursery and the children have painted a large scale flag and coloured small ones as well.
If any one would like their haircut just ask your children!  They have set up their own hairdressers/barbers and used items they have found in Nursery to be scissors and combs.
The children have been using big shoulder movements to push trucks along road mats and smaller hand movements to push a car along a road puzzle.
One afternoon after lunch, when things can be a bit loud, we all made a circle and took it in turns to push and catch a ball, which calmed us down a little.” – Helen, deputy Manager

Book of the Week: – During the month of July our focus books of the week are encouraging the children to choose the book of the week.


We have various fundraising activities throughout the year, many are ones that the children can participate in making it a fun way to raise money for Nursery resources.

Over this year we have raised the following:-

Sponsored Find £377 – we have been able to buy some more books for our book corner and also add to our puzzle collection

Lucky Wheel Draw 1 £190 – with this money we purchased new waterproofs ready for the wet weather and snow

Pancake Toddle £237 – we are currently looking for a new water tray for the nursery

Luck Wheel Draw 2 £82.50

Lucky Duck Race £50.00

A huge thank you to all parents/carers for your continued support!

Book of the Week