Welcome to Ditton Lodge Community Nursery!

Welcome to Ditton Lodge Nursery, where we value each child as an individual. We firmly believe that every child has the right to the best possible start in life and should be encouraged and supported in order to achieve their full potential. We value parent partnership, so work closely with our children’s families to ensure each child’s needs are met.  

Our preschool provides high quality care and education within a safe and secure, stimulating and caring environment in which each child is cared for as an individual, to gain independence and confidence in learning as part of an enjoyable experience

When they are ready to leave the Nursery to transition to Reception, the children are confident, independent and well equipped to start their school adventures.

Our vision is ‘to create a welcoming, happy, caring, safe and stimulating learning environment where each child has the opportunity to play, explore, laugh, discover and learn.’

Our aim is ‘to ensure each individual child has the opportunity to develop, grow and achieve their potential through fun and enjoyable play based experiences!’