The Management of our Setting

Ditton Lodge Community Preschool Nursery is managed by a voluntary committee of parents and carers who work in tandem with the Nursery staff to ensure the smooth running of the nursery. Without this Committee the preschool would not be able to operate. Each volunteer member of the committee will bring different skills which are invaluable to the running of our Nursery. Committee members have worked, or do work in various industries, however it is important to know that to be a committee member you do not need any direct experience to make a difference. Members of the Committee are elected by the parents of the children who attend preschool. These elections take place at our Annual General Meeting which is held during the Autumn Term.  Most committee members serve for one year but are entitled to serve for up to ten years if they so wish.  

We are members of the Early Years Alliance who provide the Committee with support and guidance, and the Committee adheres to the terms of the Pre-school Learning Alliance Model CIO Constitution for Childcare Providers 2013.  In brief, the Committee is responsible for reviewing both policy and practice, and for the employment and appraisal of members of staff, as well as fundraising for the nursery. All parents are welcome to participate in the management of the nursery by joining the Committee.

Committee Responsibilities

The Committee is responsible for:

  • meeting the Welfare Requirements as set out in the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS)
  • working within our Governing Document
  • the employers of the staff but not responsible for the day to day running of our settings
  • maintaining and administering the finances
  • ensuring compliance with health & safety regulations
  • keeping up to date with written records
  • complying with data protection procedures
  • having a duty to safeguard children

All of the committee members are jointly responsible for making any financial or other management decisions.

All of the committee/volunteers will have to have a DBS check.

Only elected or co-opted persons can attend committee meetings.


The Annual General Meeting is:

  • for committee, parents/carers, staff and the community to attend
  • held once a year in order to re-elect and elect committee members
  • given a 1 months’ notice in advance of the meeting
  • to present an overview of the past year
  • to present examined/audited annual accounts
  • to readopt the constitution

Fund Raising

We are a registered charity and the fantastic facilities we have today are there because of the fundraising efforts of previous committees.  The support we receive is invaluable and it enables us to provide high quality preschool education.  Throughout the year we hold several fundraising events run by the Committee as well as events during preschool hours such as dress up days and sponsored events. We also have several fundraising schemes already set up:-

We always welcome new fundraising ideas whether or not you are a Committee member and all support is gratefully received.

Ditton Lodge Community Preschool Nursery has an extensive number of policies and procedures in place. Below are two of our main policies (Safeguarding and Complaints), including our current COVID policy. All other policies and procedures are available for your information and these can be requested from the Nursery Manager.  

*All our policy and procedure documents are reviewed and updated on a yearly basis. If you have any further queries, please contact a member of our office.

Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Policy

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