We are open for the following sessions, term time only:-

Monday to Friday:-

8.40 am – 11.40 am (am only)

8.40 am – 12.10 pm (am with lunch)

11.40 am – 3.10 pm (pm with lunch)

12.10 pm – 3.10 pm (pm only)

8.40 am – 3.10 pm (all day)

We do require that children attend for a minimum of 2 sessions over 2 days per week to help them to settle and form friendships.

  • We organise our sessions so that the children can take part in a variety of child-chosen activities and in adult-led small and large group activities to introduce them to new experiences, helping them to gain new skills, as well as learning to work with others.
  • the preschool is a free-flow environment which means that indoor and outdoor areas are supervised and accessible for the majority of the session so that the children can access either whenever they wish.

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  • Along with the daily and weekly activities the children enjoy, such as cooking, painting, role play, water play etc, during the year we also mark many festivals and celebrations such as Divali, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter. We encourage families to share the festivals they recognise as a family with us.
  • We arrange local visits eg to the market at Harvest time, to All Saints Church at Christmas, and to Newmarket Library; we  invite visitors to preschool such as the Police, Fire Service, Dental Nurse, and Pets at Home, to tell us about their jobs.
  •  We have two nursery teddy bears who spend weekends with the children throughout the year and keep a diary about their visits to share at preschool.
  • We also have a “Sunny Sunshine Badge”, which is worn by the Special Helper of the day.  This badge helps to promote good behaviour, encouraging the wearer to help staff and other children with special tasks throughout the session.


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  • Throughout your child’s time at preschool we support and help them grow in ability and confidence to prepare them for their next step to school.  Alongside the day to day activities at preschool, we also join the school for certain events such as Sports Day and our Mini Olympics.  We are able to use their facilities for PE throughout the year and in the summer term the children enjoy their lunch each week in the school dining hall.  They also spend time with the Reception teacher both in preschool and in her classroom.  All these opportunities help them become familiar with a school environment and hopefully make the transition to their new school an exciting and less daunting experience.


The ‘Snack Bar’ is accessible to the children throughout the session where their independence and skills are developed and encouraged by selecting, pouring, cutting and spreading their foods as well as clearing up after themselves.  It also provides an opportunity to try new foods and socialise with other children.


Children attending the lunch hour are able to have a school lunch at a cost of £2.35 per meal or can bring a packed lunch.


Although not compulsory, we have a preschool Uniform of a red or blue T-shirt and sweatshirt printed with our logo.  We do find that children enjoy wearing the uniform as it gives them a sense of belonging – and it also saves other clothes from paint and glue etc!!  Uniform can be purchased from preschool all year round.

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